The velvet worm – the strangest worm on the planet

Humans, it’s been said , are like donuts. They have an opening at each end, and a single continuous hole running through their middle. Note: This theory has yet to appear in a peer-reviewed journal. It’s a crude simplification of our species, sure, but look far enough back on the animal family tree and you’ll find an ancestor organism that’s little more than a digestive tract with some meat wrapped around it. Limbless and hungry like a sentient macaroni, this ancient creepy-crawler was the first bilaterian — an organism with two symmetrical sides, a distinct front and back end, and a continuous gut connecting them. While bilaterians run rampant today insects, humans and most other animals among them , the identity of that progenitor organism has long eluded discovery. Now, researchers believe they’ve found it in the fossil record for the first time. In a study published March 23 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , a team of scientists analyzed a chunk of rock containing an ancient undersea burrow found deep below Australia. They found several fossil organisms preserved near the burrows, each creature about the size and shape of a grain of rice and dating to roughly million years ago.

Ancient worm fossil rolls back origins of animal life

The most common forms of intestinal worms are hookworm, ascaris roundworm , and trichuris whipworm. These parasites have stymied human health for generations, causing pain, stealing nutrients, and stunting both physical and cognitive growth in children, preventing them from reaching their full potential. Hookworm is primarily transmitted by walking barefoot on contaminated soil. Each worm can be between inches.

Studies show that deworming children actually leads to less absenteeism. For girls in particular, deworming increases their chances of graduating secondary school.

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Assessing global research needs and priorities, providing knowledge management and support for partner coordination. Onchocerciasis also known as river blindness is a vector-borne disease that is transmitted from person to person via the bites of infected blackflies. The disease is caused by the parasitic filarial worm Onchocerca volvulus. The blackflies introduce immature larval forms of the parasite into the human recipient; these larvae then mature into adult worms, mate and in turn release hundreds of microfilariae a day; these move through the body and cause a number of symptoms, including intense itching and skin rashes, swelling and ultimately severe dermatitis, impaired vision and ultimately blindness.

TDR has a long history of research to support the control of this disease, dating back to the partnership with the Onchocerciasis Control Programme in West Africa that eliminated the mosquito that transmitted the disease in West Africa. Research on how to curb disease transmission in broad savanna regions of West Africa led to the breakthrough innovation of incorporating the Bti bacterium to control insect larvae, including that of the blackfly, in TDR also contributed to the design of study protocols and dosage for the drug ivermectin, and connected the pharmaceutical owner, Merck, with the OCP networks.

In , with the drug about to be registered, CEO of Merck Dr Roy Vagelos made the momentous decision to donate the drug to whoever needed it, as long as it was needed. TDR and partners set up large-scale community trials under field conditions to move the drug from individual treatment in hospitals to mass drug administration, strengthening the value of ivermectin in the onchocerciasis control strategy. Skip to main content. Search Search the WHO.

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If you would like to be involved in its development, let us know – external link. Earthworm poo could turn out to be a very valuable dating tool. Over a century after Darwin’s fastest-selling book [1] hit the shelves, researchers have found that we are underestimating the earthworm’s contribution to the global carbon cycle.

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The aim of this study is to determine the species of parasites that affected the inhabitants of the city of Acre on the coast of the eastern Mediterranean during the Ottoman Period. This is the first archaeological study of parasites in the Ottoman Empire. We analysed sediment from a latrine dating to the early s for the presence of helminth eggs and protozoan parasites which caused dysentery. We found evidence for roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides , whipworm Trichuris trichiura , fish tapeworm Dibothriocephalus sp.

The parasite taxa recovered demonstrate the breadth of species present in this coastal city. We consider the effect of Ottoman Period diet, culture, trade and sanitation upon risk of parasitism in this community living years ago. The coastal city of Acre or Akko , located in Israel, has a long history, with the earliest evidence for settlement coming from the Bronze Age BCE. It fell under Ottoman control following the Ottoman-Mamluk War of — [ 1 ].

Acre was historically an important city in the Ottoman Empire until the early 19th century, when Beirut and Haifa were also used as major ports [ 2 ]. The Ottoman Empire was quite tolerant with respect to the practise of religion within its boundaries [ 4 ]. Even so, the majority of the population living in Acre during this period practised Islam, with a minority practising Christianity and Judaism [ 5 ].

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Samples of permafrost sediment frozen for the past 42, years were recently thawed to reveal living nematodes. Within weeks the roundworms began to move and eat, setting a record for the time an animal can survive cryogenic preservation. Aside from revealing new limits of endurance, it just might prove useful when it comes to preserving our own tissues. Russian biologists dug up more than samples of frozen soil of different ages and locations throughout the Arctic and took them back to their lab in Moscow for a closer look.

Samples retrieved from remote parts of north eastern Russia contained nematodes from two different genera, which the researchers placed into Petri dishes with a nutrient medium. The worms were left for several weeks at a relatively warm 20 degrees Celsius 68 Fahrenheit as they gradually showed signs of life.

Attack of the Kamikaze Worms! By Martin Holland, Expedition Leader. They came in droves. Silently and apparently randomly they attacked our.

The unembryonated eggs are passed with the stool. In the soil, the eggs develop into a 2-cell stage , an advanced cleavage stage , and then they embryonate ; eggs become infective in 15 to 30 days. After ingestion soil-contaminated hands or food , the eggs hatch in the small intestine, and release larvae that mature and establish themselves as adults in the colon. The adult worms approximately 4 cm in length live in the cecum and ascending colon.

The adult worms are fixed in that location, with the anterior portions threaded into the mucosa. The females begin to oviposit 60 to 70 days after infection.

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The current distributions of widespread groups of terrestrial animals and plants are supposedly the result of a mixture of either vicariance owing to continental split or more recent trans-oceanic dispersal. For organisms exhibiting a vicariant biogeographic pattern—achieving their current distribution by riding on the plates of former supercontinents—this view is largely inspired by the belief that Pangaea lacked geographical or ecological barriers, or that extinctions and dispersal would have erased any biogeographic signal since the early Mesozoic.

We here present a time-calibrated molecular phylogeny of Onychophora velvet worms , an ancient and exclusively terrestrial panarthropod group distributed throughout former Pangaean landmasses. Our data not only demonstrate that trans-oceanic dispersal does not need be invoked to explain contemporary distributions, but also reveal that the early diversification of the group pre-dates the break-up of Pangaea, maintaining regionalization even in landmasses that have remained contiguous throughout the history of the group.

About a quarter of the world’s population could have worms – is it worth says they looked at 45 trials from around the world dating back to the.

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The most recent of these conferences are listed below.

Jewish Museum Worms

By Michael Marshall. Hundreds of fossilised animals seemingly covered in worm-like creatures are the oldest hard evidence of parasitism, dating from million years ago when complex animals were still new. The discovery suggests that the first parasites arose during an unprecedented evolutionary flowering. Zhifei Zhang, also at Northwest University, has spent years excavating a quarry in Yunnan province in southern China.

The rocks preserved an ecosystem from the Cambrian period.

through: World Register of Marine Species at: ​?p=taxdetails&id= on Taxonomic edit history. Date​.

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There was a Jewish Community in Worms for an uninterrupted period lasting more than years. Insights into Jewish history since the Middle Ages, into Jewish traditions and religious life, and also reminders of the events during the tyranny of Nazi rule from on — all this awaits you in the Jewish Museum Worms. The exhibits in the permanent collection have now all been catalogued and they consist of items rescued from the pre-war collection, photographs and documents from the City Archives, and donations made by Jews who came from Worms.

The majority of animal phyla data back to the Cambrian explosion (ca. MY ago). One of the most accurate ways to date biological events.

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