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Q: Who was on the committee that designed the Martin Committee? The Martin Committee, a trumpet with an unusual name, earned its name by being designed by a committee. It went on to dominate the jazz trumpet market from the late s until the mid s or so. Elden Benge Schilke and Elden built the early Chicago Benge horns in Schilke’s garage, they were neighbors and Schilke had the machine tool experience. A local player, presumably from the Chicago Symphony, since all these guys had strong ties to the symphony,. What follows is an accumulation of additional information from a wide and large variety of sources primarily concerning the Martin Committee trumpet. This is a rough draft which will continue to be enlarged, reedited, and reformatted until it is worth something. If you are interested in or know anything about this subject, please review this and let me know of any errors I’ve made or additional information you can provide. The “Martin” label has always been associated with high quality and limited production, promoted by a devoted group of professional players honestly convinced that Martin instruments had characteristics unmatched by any other brand.

52B- SP Trumpet

Yes, another copy-cat loyalist site. This site is primarily about the modern Kanstul made French Besson and Besson trumpets. The real reason for this page is that these are excellent trumpets that are not well known and are under-appreciated.

Shop for the Conn 52BSP CONNstellation Series Bb Trumpet and receive free The Conn “CONNstellation” 52BSP Bb trumpet is designed as a professional instrument but is positioned as intermediate. Click for the BBB Business Review.

Instrument: This is a beautiful example of a Conn Connstellation trumpet made at a time when Conn was putting out some super high quality instruments. The mouthpipe is clearly engraved with “Connstellation B” and the Bell engraving is beautiful as well. The “last word” in trumpets. Nylon piston guides reduces valve noice at the same time adding longer life to the part as compared to former metal guides.

Trigger mechanish on first valve gives great flexibility in both high and low ranges. When I bought it a few years back, the previous owner had one of the plastic hand gaurds on it. Well, it rubbed in a few spots on the valve block as wore through the finish in 1 or 2 spots. Not a huge deal, but it does keep the finish from being perfect.

Vintage Conn 60B Super Connstellation Trumpet in Lacquer

Conn Ltd. It bought the production facilities owned by Charles Gerard Conn , a major figure in early manufacture of brasswinds and saxophones in the USA. Its early business was based primarily on brass instruments, which were manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana. During the s the bulk of its sales revenue shifted to electric organs. In the company was sold in bankruptcy to the Crowell-Collier-MacMillan publishing company.

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Conn Connstellation Elkhart – U. Bb Trumpet. Comes with the original good condition Connstellation case. Latches work and handle works on the case. Has the Connstellation logo. Everything with threads comes on and off real smooth. It is a great playing 38B. It has had some work done on it as shown in the pictures. It operates well.

Valves and slides are smooth and there is no red rot and all threads are good. No plier marks on horn. Leadpipe nice staight and clean. Tuning slide never been worked on it’s not out of shape from some dummy pulling it from being stuck. I love the 38B.

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Selmer Special In the s, Schilke made a number of mouthpieces for him. The Holton had a. One well known instrument in his collection was the French 4 valve trumpet designed by Merry Franquin. His colleague Frank Holton started his own company, made the H. Yamaha artist after the BSO. John Branzer says: He sold the lightweight Selmer that I gave him, but returned the standard weight 24B Selmer to me before his death, which I still have. I had given him both instruments.

Bach Mt. His last trumpet at the Smithsonian, donated by his son Tim James in A balanced design, with a replica of the distinctive Selmer finger hook. Harry James name engraved in script along the bell.

Conn 52BSP CONNstellation Series Bb Trumpet

By flashofthunder , January 19, in Brass Forum. The trumpet below is a C. Conn trumpet, serial , made in It is in excellent playing condition with no lacquer missing, no tarnish, no scratches, and no dents. The tuning slides still work very well, and are very clean.

The Conn “CONNstellation” 52B Bb trumpet is designed as a professional start date (although payments may be made before the scheduled due date).

Intermediate trumpets help budding players develop. Intermediate trumpets fill in the gap between student models and professional instruments. They are made to help the development of players that are beyond the beginner skill level but not experienced enough for professional level trumpets. Some models may be closer in quality to the beginner range, and others may be more advanced.

This is one of the reasons it is important to thoroughly research intermediate trumpets before purchase. Their are many high quality models available to suit the needs of all players at this skill level. The Conn 52BSP is made to meet the requirements of players that have experience but are not yet up to professional level. It has a quality that exceeds the needs of those at intermediate level as it is simple enough to use while still being powerful like expert trumpets.

This model is known for producing a rich and dark sound, and it has a large bore to enhance intonation and make playing easier. It has a seamless yellow brass bell that offers good projection and control. It has Monel pistons that are responsive and fluid while its reverse lead pipe and single-radius tuning slide allow the horn to open and be blown easily. The trumpet has a silver plate finish that creates a bright and controlled sound, and its short throwing pistons and heavy top caps make changing notes precise and speedy.

Conn – Trumpet Valve Spring Barrel (Connquest)

The catalogue included the first mention of the cornet version. In those catalogues, the Opera price was above the Recording, but less than the Mendez. On first examination of the Opera cornet, it appears to be quite similar to my Special of that period actually, SN XX, to , except the Special has a solid nickel bell, but with a Bronze alloy flair. Even so, the Opera is not especially heavy, mine comes in at 2.

The upper and lower valve caps are 12 sided faceted brass.

From (as pictured here) Conn switched all trumpets and cornets to a style of This causes the Connstellation serial numbers to come in as follows (my.

Why are so many of us trumpeters obsessed with old horns? Most saxophonists swear by the Selmer Mark VI or Balanced Action horns, and trumpet players seem to change their choice of old horns every few years. It seems like the Conn Connstellation is making a comeback now, and before that it seemed like everyone was checking out old Martin Committees. But why? Logic would dictate that horn manufacturers would get better at making these things.

Perhaps they have, but many feel that maybe something was lost along the way. Some think it was because of the metal that was used back then, while others think that it was because the horns were hand-built and hand-adjusted. I thought older horns were the way to go for many years and there were many Bachs along the way. My first real horn was an early Elkhart Bach serial , and the first horn I really loved was a Mt.

Vernon Bach serial I was playing a New York Bach serial on my first gigs of any substance upon my arrival in New York, and on my first record date I was playing a Mt. It was on that record date that I really discovered what I had been trying to overlook for a long time: older horns are usually harder to play and have more intonation problems than their newer counterparts. My apologies to session leaders Bob Belden and Tony Kadleck.

Review: Conn Connstellation Cornet 38A from 1961

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